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Our Fleet

Our state of the art equipment, here to help you.

Our fleet is composed of brand new power units and trailers ensuring reliable transportation each and every shipment. Understanding the importance of on time performance, we know maintaining all equipment is key and never to be neglected. Our state of the art fleet is equipped with Samsara satellite to provide easy remote monitoring with a click of a button

Our Fleet

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Our asset based transportation division provides the utmost reliable service that customers such as yourself depend on daily basis, while being in compliance with laws and regulations.


Adapting and integrating new technology and customer procedures/protocols is what we succeed from. From office staff, to drivers, and partner carriers we ensure our team is adequately trained and available around the clock. Safety is always our top priority from the get-go.


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See how we can help you...

Founder, Jag Mundi began his journey in logistics as a logistics coordinator in 2011. He knew the best way to succeed in the industry was to have first-hand experience in multiple areas of logistics. This led him to obtain his commercial vehicle license in 2014 and get behind the wheel of a transport truck. Throughout his 4 years on the road he travelled from coast to coast delivering all types of shipments in Canada and U.S.A. As an owner operator, it gave Jag exposure to the daily experiences of drivers on the road. This knowledge allowed Jag to create Fast Lane Logistics in 2017.


His exposure to different logistic management systems and softwares allowed him to expand his knowledge and eventually build a platform that suits the individual needs of each customer. To date he remains hands-on in all areas of the operations to ensure smooth transit from origin to destination. Throughout his experiences he has learned that the most important quality to succeed in this industry is building trust with customers, carriers, and internal staff. 

Our History

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