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Temperature Controlled

Your freight is safe, no matter the temperature.

Our advanced equipment, combined with our years of experience handling delicate and temperature controlled shipments has allowed us to be experts in delivering fresh and frozen freight in our refrigerated trailers. From fresh produce and meats to frozen products, we tackle it all. We understand that different products require different handling. We ensure that the temperature remains constant throughout transit so that your shipment does not spoil. Our technology allows us to periodically check the temperature on our reefers. 

Fresh / Frozen


Fresh Produce
Raw Meat with Rosemary

Harsh weather temperatures? Have sensitive freight such as beverages or canned goods that can spoil when exposed to Canadian winter conditions? Our heated equipment allows us to transport shipments that cannot withstand the cold temperatures. We protect these shipments from freezing by regularly monitoring the temperature settings. Customers choose us because we have been proven to keep your products intact no matter how cold the weather conditions or time of year, allowing you to ship sensitive freight all year round. We maintain the quality of your products throughout the longest transits.


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